The best sites for betting exchange wagering

If the chance to bet against other punters rather than playing against a bookmaker appeals to you, then the most difficult task is finding a betting exchange platform that is completely compatible with your goals. It’s important to note that this system of wagering still elicits apprehension for many people. Fortunately, this article provides a list of the biggest operators on the bet trading scene.



Naturally Betfair, the biggest and most popular betting exchange, is included among the top picks for the best bookmakers on the betting exchange scene. This operator, created in 2000 and which holds a licence from Gibraltar, is valued for its wide coverage of sports and markets. Since it’s able to bring together a large community of punters, Betfair has a higher cash flow than its rivals. This platform usually generates a good deal of market activity which means that it’s rare to have difficulty in finding a taker.

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Although it’s valued for the low commission that it charges on a winning bettor’s earnings, Matchbook is not as popular as Betfair, but it has still come a long way since its launch in 2004. Even though they are committed to overall improvement, it’s worthwhile pointing out that for American sports (NFL, NBA, NHL…), Matchbook’s cash flow is one of the highest. But clearly, its main draw is its competitive rate of commission (only 1.5% for those who accept an existing offer on a market, and 0.75% for those who issue offers). The excellent user interface that Matchbook has developed also deserves a special mention. This site promises a positive bet trading experience.


This platform is probably the best poised to compete with Betfair. This operator, launched in 2000 and taken over by Ladbrokes in 2013, offers a decent degree of liquidity on most of its markets. Unlike Betfair, Betdaq does not impose Premium fees on its most profitable traders (the highest grossing traders are billed at around 20% of their revenue). But the difference doesn’t end there. Betdaq earns its income by levying fees of only 2% of a punter’s winnings, compared to the 5% charged by Betfair. Betdaq also offers you the chance to place several bets on the exchange, which has not been the case with Betfair for some time now.

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Even though they’re one of the newest sports betting exchanges (2008), Smarkets is nevertheless still ambitious. The biggest asset that enables Smarkets to try to compete with the industry leader (Betfair), is the minimal commission that it charges on winnings. In fact, Smarkets only deducts a 2% commission, which is very competitive especially when compared to Betfair which levies a 5% commission on winnings. However, unlike their competitor, they aren’t quite as solvent, particularly on less popular markets. Additionally, when compared to all the operators on this list of recommendations, Smarket covers a much smaller range of markets