Wagering on a betting exchange platform : some skills to learn

Currently, betting exchanges are really starting to gain in popularity. Before beginning to wager on a betting exchange site, it’s crucial to learn a few approaches. If they’re properly executed, they can help punters get the best results. Those who want to learn about these different techniques in greater detail have come to the right place. Therefore we’ll outline some of the different methods that can be used for successful sports betting

Swinging: an approach that players need to understand

Swinging is a strategy that relies on anticipating wide fluctuations in market odds in order to earn the highest profit. For example, let’s suppose that during a football match, the two teams still have a tie score during the first period. When examining the latter’s statistics, it becomes apparent that the number of their shootouts and attacks has been considerable.

Consequently, it’s possible to conclude that the match has been tight but that the tactics used by the players have not produced results. However, the second period may be the ideal time to place, for example, a Lay bet. If after some time, the ball crosses the goal line, then the odds of this bet will suddenly increase thus providing the chance to make a Back bet.

Scalping: another approach

Scalping is based on a concept that is different than swinging. Essentially, this approach consists of purchasing or reselling bets at a moment’s notice as a response to small variations in the odds. In this way, it is possible to remain open to the fluctuations of the market for a while.

However, don’t expect to make a huge profit. For example, if there aren’t a lot of attacks the start of a football game, it may be the best time to make a Back bet, wait a bit and then do a Lay on the same wager. This gives you the chance to make a profit. Actually these odds will tend to fall incrementally over time.

Anticipating market changes

The objective of this approach is to prevent lowering or raising the odds on any kind of bet. These changes may be anticipated not only over a few days prior to the game but also a few minutes before the even match starts. Let’s suppose for example, that a team is deemed to be the favourite. Yet, when the list of players scheduled to play is announced, you discover that the coach of the team favoured to win the game has left some of the best attackers on the bench.

In this situation, it would be a good idea to expect the odds for the team’s victory to increase. To do this, all that’s required is to make a Lay (the favoured team will win the game). When these odds eventually reach the highest level will be the best time to make a Back bet on this same wager. And by doing so you’ll make a profit, regardless of the outcome of the competition.