Back, Lay and Surebet

Exchange Betting: 3 strategies to use

As everyone knows, a betting exchange is an online marketplace where punters can wager against each other rather than against a bookmaker. This allows a bettor to take on the role of a traditional bookmaker and to sell a bet. Currently there are three new styles for exchanging bets that will help novices to increase their earnings: Back, Lay and Surebets. The following outlines the basics of all three.

1. The Back Bet

This is the most popular kind of traditional bet. Most of the biggest bookmakers have built their business around this concept. A traditional bookmaker takes “before” bets. Gamblers back up a result on a betting market and the bookmakers pays if the bet wins. However, betting exchanges allow you to “back up” or to “lay” bets. In addition to being able to “support” an outcome, users can also assume the traditional role of the bookmaker and decide to “discard” it. In practice, a back bet made when placing a return bet on a horse, for example, simply means that you are wagering money on it to win. If the horse wins the race, you win the wager. If it doesn’t then you lose the wager.

2. The Lay Bet

Lay bets are an option on exchange sites where punters can gamble with the bookmakers by offering odds to sell a bet instead of backing it up. This technique is similar to combined betting, where punters come back and sell bets on the same game to guarantee a victory. To better understand the concept, keep in mind that placing a Lay bet on a horse simply means that you’ve bet money on it so that it won’t win, which is the complete opposite of the Back bet. If the horse doesn’t win the race, then you win your bet. If the horse wins, you lose your bet. This may seem counterintuitive nevertheless it can still earn you a lot of money.

3. The Surebet

This describes a situation where punters can still make a profit whatever the outcome by placing a bet for each result with different betting agencies. This betting system is most often used during live games and works similar to Back and Lay betting. With this betting strategy, emphasis is placed on variable odds, which differ from one bookmaker to another. By betting this way, you can take advantage of fluctuations in the odds and place wagers in complete safety and without risk. However, to do this successfully bettors must act quickly because the odds may change with every second.

Eventually, Surebets will enable punters to make guaranteed bets on almost any sport, regardless of whether they’re two or three-way bets. If you’re able to find the right bookmakers who can offer the variable odds that you need for a sure wager, then you can bet on whatever sport you choose. Generally, it’s certainly possible to win more money with bets with Surebets but since the winnings per match are (very) low, you’ll have to wait a long time before your coffer increase significantly . But it’s also worthwhile to note that Surebet wagers can be a good way of earning bonuses. Many bookmakers offer introductory bonuses which reward subscribers with a percentage of their initial deposit but only once the have placed bets of a certain amount.