Using Live-Bet-Surebets on betting exchanges

One of the primary advantages of playing on betting exchanges is that gamblers can enjoy better odds than they would get from a bookmaker. The reason for that is because bookies take a huge margin on the bets that they offer, which is not the case with betting exchanges. Actually, sports trading only levies a commission of around 5% on net profits earned from winning bets, even when it involves live betting.

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exchange betting strategy

What’s the best strategy to use for exchange betting?

Sports betting is a flourishing sector that attracts a great many followers from around the world. The lure of big profits encourages these enthusiasts to wager sums of money that may be increased tenfold, recouped or lost following the outcome of a game. The concept of betting exchange refers to online sports betting as a gambler. The basic principle is similar to that of the stock exchange. Many specialized sites offer meet-ups and set the odds to in order help punters to connect with each other. One platform that stands out from all the rest is Betfair.

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ensure back and lay trading

Techniques for better back and lay trading

Sports trading is another way of gambling on sporting events. Compared to regular bookmakers, who are usually responsible for setting the betting odds, in this instance the gamblers themselves can define their own odds using two options. They may either choose to accept a wager offered by a punter, which is called a back bet or they may offer their own, called the lay bet, by assigning odds and waiting for another player to accept the offer. To put it simply, during a trading back and lay strategy, players are no longer wagering against bookmakers but against other online bettors.

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